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NLFA Seeking American Lamb Board Nominees

Submitted April, 2015.

Nominations are currently being sought for the Feeder and First Handler vacancies, which will occur on the American Lamb Board at the end of this year. The National Lamb Feeders Association is certified to nominate in both the Feeder and First Handler categories.

Any feeder or first handler within the U.S. who owns, purchases or processes lambs can be considered for nomination. Each nominee must submit the required Background Information form (AD-755).

Dan Lippert (MN), who is not eligible for another term, currently holds the feeder position. The position must be filled by a feeder with more than 5,000 head and located west of the Mississippi River.
Reed Anderson (OR) currently holds the first handler position and is also not eligible for reappointment. There are two other first handlers currently serving on the Lamb Board: Greg Ahart, Superior Farms and Elizabeth Dressler, Rosen Lamb. NLFA is seeking suggestions for an individual willing to serve in this position and will coordinate the nomination with the other certified nominating organizations for First Handlers.

You may contact NLFA: or (503) 370-7024 before April 17, 2015 for information about the USDA appointment process and copies of the required forms.

There are also two positions for producers on the Lamb Board that expire this year. One position represents producers with more than 500 head and the other is for producers with 101-500 head. One producer must be located east of the Mississippi River and the other does not have an east/west regional restriction. Producer nominations are being coordinated by ASI. The ASI Executive Board will meet at the end of April to review nominees, so interested producers are asked to contact ASI by April 15th: Peter Orwick or Mary Jensen

More information about the nomination process is available on the USDA web site: