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NLFA invites nominations for American Lamb Board Openings

Submitted April, 2016.

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking nominations for four vacancies occurring on the American Lamb Board next year. Any producer, feeder, or first handler within the U.S. who owns or purchases lambs may be considered for nomination.

This year the vacancies include two producers, one feeder, and one first-handler position. The National Lamb Feeders Association is only certified to submit nominations in the feeder and first handler categories.

The feeder representative whose term expires this year is Dale Thorne of Michigan. Greg Ahart of California holds the first handler position, also expiring this year. Both Thorne and Ahart are eligible to serve one more term..

NLFA is seeking a minimum of two candidates for each position. Industry members interested in either the feeder or first handler position should contact the NLFA office to obtain the necessary forms. Nominees must fill out a background information form AD-755 and sign the Agreement to serve. Forms are also available from the USDA web site:

NLFA is asking interested parties to contact the office by May 10th. Nominations are due to USDA by May 16, 2016.

You may contact NLFA: or (503) 364-5462