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Nomination Period for NSIIC Board Positions now Open

Submitted April, 2016.

Two positions on the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center Board of Directors will expire in January 2017. One position is for a sheep producer and one for a person with expertise in finance and management. Any U.S. sheep producer may be nominated for the producer position and anyone with expertise in finance and management may be nominated for the other position.

Marsha Spykerman (Iowa), who is eligible to be re-nominated, currently holds the producer position. Joan Snyder (N.Y.) has served two terms and is not eligible to be re-nominated in the finance/management position.

As one of the organizations certified to nominate individuals to the NSIIC Board, NLFA is currently recruiting nominees for both positions. NLFA is required to submit a minimum of two nominees for each vacancy.

Nominations must be submitted to USDA by May 16, 2016. NLFA encourages any interested individual or sheep organization interested in endorsing a candidate to contact the NLFA office for the applicable application forms. Please contact no later than May 10, 2016.

You may contact NLFA: or (503) 364-5462