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Membership in NLFA is open to anyone engaged in the production and marketing of sheep and lambs or any of the services associated with processing of sheep and lamb products.

While NLFA works in close harmony with the American Sheep Industry Association and other industry organizations, NLFA was founded to serve the needs of the nation's lamb feeders.

NLFA is a non-profit organization working to initiate programs and policies that promote the production of sheep and lambs in the United States. NLFA is committed to industry education, research, consumer education and promotion.

NLFA's long-term commitment to the industry is exemplified by the association's continuing support for the Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School.

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American Sheep are reared on high quality natural forage diets. Depending on the quality of the range, some lambs are marketed directly from the range or pasture while others are grain-finished for a short period of time to supplement the nutrition for the best care of the animals.